Brookmill provides comprehensive financial and strategic advisory services that leverage our research capabilities, operational experience as well as industry and technical knowledge.

Having an active and experienced partner with strategic development and capital raising experience can propel an organization to attain quantum growth. We partner with a wide range of companies, organizations and individuals that are:

  • seeking debt or equity to finance development (start-up or growth)
  • embarking on capital projects or capital expenditure programs
  • considering capital re-structuring, re-organization or other major change
  • contemplating an acquisition or divestment

The process of raising capital can be very involved and can put significant strains on a company’s resources. We work alongside our clients in every phase of the fund raising process to minimize the impact on their managerial and other company resources while ensuring that the intended financial and strategic goals are realized in the process. In structuring the transaction we typically assist our clients by:

  1. Evaluating the present situation and historic performance
  2. Creating pitch and marketing materials and a well-defined target list
  3. Executing the roadshow with clients and prospective investors
  4. Assisting in the due diligence process
  5. Analyzing and facilitating the negotiation financial terms and conditions
  6. Preparing documentation and facilitating the closing in timely manner
  7. Assisting with post deal reviews and monitoring

Through our Financial Advisory offering we also work exclusively or with other advisors and/or intermediaries in a wide range of transactions to:

  • provide market analysis, operational review, risk assessment, financial modeling, valuation, contract and commercial strategy services/advice relative to development and project financings
  • advise on debt, asset-based and vendor financings
  • advise clients on business strategies, structuring, regulatory, negotiation and due diligence issues
  • structure and arrange related finance

Strategic analysis, direction and execution are key to success in business. We pride ourselves on our ability to develop and implement strategies that enable all stakeholders to attain their intended goals. Great effort and attention is paid to building lasting and mutually beneficial relationships with our clients based on trust, integrity and solutions delivery.

Successful strategic advisory engagements are primarily a function of accurate problem definition. We look at the issues from all angles taking into account the market, secondary sources of information, competitive as well as historical data to make sure that we understand the problem. While we do place significant importance on the initial definition we work at the pace of business and understand the importance of acting within a reasonable time frame.

While every engagement presents its own unique challenges we work with clients within the following processes to deliver and implement strategies:

  • identify and critically assess current status, specifically the suitability and effectiveness of existing objectives, strategies and latest thinking
  • develop integrated and internally consistent strategic options (for the business as a whole and its main functional areas - finance, marketing, sales, management, operations etc) in line with the client-organization’s broader vision, mission and objectives as well as its resources, constraints and opportunities
  • create detailed pre-implementation and contingency plans
  • prioritize and implement strategic initiatives

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